Term Limits by Steve Powell

This morning, I had the pleasure of being the first person to touch Steve Powell’s brand new novel, Term Limits.

I have been an intern at a small indie publishing house for several months – and it comes with benefits like these. The proof copy arrived by post this morning – and having been checked and found faultless, the book is now available to order online with deliveries beginning next week (the e-book version will become available 2 weeks from now).

I helped proofread Term Limits and over the last 2 months I have witnessed the book coming together, from the cover design to the metadata. Holding the physical result in your hands is very satisfying.

You can watch me opening the parcel here.

Term Limits is Steve Powell’s second novel. It’s the story of a killer enraged by elitism and corruption at the heart of American politics, and the devastating affect the political system has had on his family. The character comes to believe that his representatives in D.C. cannot be allowed to become career politicians and must have their term length limited by any means possible.

With the current divisions within American society, time will tell if Steve Powell’s book will be received as insightful historical fiction or an action novel fuelled by political vexation and bloodlust.

Although the thriller genre often engages with international politics – lending to the existence of an entire ‘political thriller’ genre that includes authors such as Robert Harris  – Term Limits is much more political than that. You might even say it’s an expression of many Americans’ present distrust of their own political system.

Importantly however, the book is still as much of a page-turner as any good thriller and does not require a knowledge of American politics to be fully enjoyed.

Read more about Term Limits and Steve’s other books here: www.stevepowellbooks.com

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