Sculpting the Elephant by Sylvia Vetta

I am delighted to have worked with Sylvia Vetta as an assistant editor for her latest book, ‘Sculpting the Elephant’ (Claret Press, 2019), which has now been officially released.

About ‘Sculpting the Elephant’

‘Sculpting the Elephant’ is a romantic novel set half in Oxford and half in India. Two characters’ lives face upheaval when Ramma, an Indian historian completing her studies at the University of Oxford, meets an English art dealer called Harry. Tensions within the family and wider society ensue.

The book sprouts knowledge, courageously transgressing the boundaries of genre and culture to inform the reader on topics such as the early history of Buddhism, Victorian explorers in the Himalayas and Art Deco. ‘Sculpting the Elephant’ could make a fun introduction to these topics. ‘Sculpting the Elephant’ is the historical fiction novel you should read next.


The novel, which is informed by some of Sylvia’s own experiences, also holds a message for readers. Overtly, it provides insight into the consequences of love affairs between people of different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. I was also impressed by Harry King, whose emotions are extremely well developed for a fictional male character.

A thank you

I am grateful to Sylvia for including an acknowledgment in her book – the first time my name has been published in a novel – and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.


Sylvia Vetta’s ‘Sculpting the Elephant’ (Claret Press, 2019)