Kingsley is an upcoming historical fiction novel based on the life of Charles Kingsley and his wife, Francis Eliza Grenfell.


The novel is currently being written. Estimated publication date: mid-2020.


Kingsley explores the importance of identity in Victorian England – especially how this identity is formed by hot, sweet love (despite the sexual repression associated with Victorian society, their love-lives could still be driven by lust).

Charles Kingsley demonstrated how religious identity affects our lives as well as our ability to reshape it. Despite his fierce Anglicanism, Kingsley could not help falling in love with Frances, an Anglo-Catholic girl. For the rest of his life he would look down upon Catholicism while moving within the upper-echelons of the Church of England and even serving as chaplain to Queen Victoria.


Kingsley is a project devoted to historical accuracy and representing multiple points of view. Charles Kingsley is the primary character and by far the most important source is Frances Eliza Grenfell’s Charles Kingsley: His Letters and Memories of His Life. Nevertheless, the book will capture some of the opinions of his less endearing contemporaries and modern critics.

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