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Oli Lane

Oli Lane works in London and writes in his spare time. Oli has lived in the Big Smoke since moving from Bristol in 2015 to study at King’s College, London. His genre interests are historical fiction, nature writing and poetry. You can see which books Oli is currently reading on his Goodreads profile.

Oli has worked on several projects with Claret Press, the independent London-based book publisher, as an editor and proofreader. Some of the books Oli became involved with include Sculpting the Elephant (2019) and Term Limits (2018).

Oli is passionate about nature. In 2019, Oli wrote to the Financial Times arguing for greater coverage of the forest fires wrecking the Amazon rainforest. He sought to explain how the fires could have a long-term negative economic impact in South America and the rest of the world.


Kingsley is a historical fiction novel underway, based on the life of the Victorian author Charles Kingsley (the author of Water Babies, Hypatia and Westward Ho!) Kingsley was an influential member of the Victorian establishment – he served as personal chaplain to Queen Victoria and Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, among other significant public appointments. Kingsley was also a friend of Charles Darwin. There is currently no date set for the book’s publication, but you can read more about Kingsley here.


Oli is currently writing a historical fiction novel and seeking to publish an academic piece derived from his undergraduate dissertation, ‘Rivers of History: Moving from Antiquity to Modernity Through Poetry‘. A bibliography page is coming soon on this website that will aim to provide a full list of published works.

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